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We know as parents of young children that choosing eyecare for children can be more traumatic for the parents than for the children!

We want you to feel comfortable here, so we have designed our practice with children in mind and your son or daughter will only be fitted by a fully qualified Optometrist or Dispensing Optician.

You will be delighted with the selection of frames we have on offer for youngsters, many of them designed by leading ophthalmologists with fitting and visual accuracy in mind at all times.

We recommend that your child is tested by an Opthalmologist in their early years and we have a superb service available in Limerick for children under 12 years of age through the health board to manage young childrens eyecare. Please ask for details instore.

While the eyes greatest physical development occurs during the first year of life, your childs eye development continues throughout childhood. Eye muscles strengthen, and nerve connections multiply. You can help this process by supplying plenty of visual stimulation for your child.

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