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How will I know if I qualify for PRSI Optical benefits?

  Leave it to us to check. We welcome back PRSI Optical benefits. Having this benefit means you will avail of a free eye exam as well as good allowances towards glasses for reading and glasses for distance. Having an online system which we can access on your behalf means that you can leave the checking to us. Just call 061-33222 or pop instore with your PPS number and date of birth. Don't wait - check it out today and your allowances are ... Read more

Tips for driving at night

  Driving at night in the country can be very challenging, particularly in the winter with icy rain battering your windscreen. Castletroy park opticians have some great tips for glasses wearers. Make sure you are wearing your current prescription, and that your lenses are clean and scratch free. Invest in a good antiglare coating. Never wear tinted lenses or transition lenses at night. Make sure your windscreen is clean and smudge free. Have your eyes tested regularly, We recommend an eye test every two years. Finally, if you have ... Read more